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  • Stormwater/Environmental Compliance
    Aquastry™ delivers certified engineered solutions that meet and exceed stormwater and environmental discharge standards

  • Agricultural Food and Beverage Industry
    With our certified chemistries, the wastewater generated allow for solids to be harvested and 90% or more of the wastewater can be recycled

  • Municipal Water and Wastewater Industry
    Our engineered solutions are NSF/ANSI certified and deliver low (ppb) level contamination removal

  • Rendering Industry
    Whether generating solids (TSS) or F.O.G. to be harvested (biodiesel) or discharged as wastewater to the sewer, everyone wants all the F.O.G. out. Our certified chemistries remove 99% of all TSS and F.O.G.

  • Construction Industry
    When soil is disturbed turbid water is generated. Our Floc Soc Kit can treat a million gallons of turbid water, passively, in seconds and remove turbidity to low NTU levels

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