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Our knowledge, coupled with years of experience, provide water treatment solutions that are custom to specific problems in an eco-conscious way.



  • Harvesting the second largest natural resource on Planet Earth provides a 100%
    non-toxic approach to water and wastewater treatment.

  • Converting a waste to a resource

  • Because these proven solutions are less complex, they can be cost-effective




We bring over three decades of field experience, chemical engineering, geology, construction and manufacturing to each solution on projects we undertake. Whether it’s solutions for a new system or retrofit for an existing one, all projects are executed by professional engineers and geologists. PE, PG, QSD, CEG certified.


All manufacturing is partnered with fully-certified partners and chemical blenders. Engineered systems are manufactured either skid mounted or containerized, mobile or stationary in 100,000 square foot manufacturing facilities. ISO 9001, UL 508, CE, ETL, UL 698 Certified. Full mechanical, electrical, chemical, pneumatic and integration into independent and existing SCADA control systems. 


 Lisa Farmen 

Founder and Managing Member, Lisa Farmen, leads Aquastry.

She is a chemical engineer and nanotechnology scientist with over 30 years in the water and wastewater industries working in the semiconductor, solid rocket fuel, industrial wastewater, storm water and agricultural industries.  She assembled a team that won four SBIR grants with the National Science Foundation and won the Clean Tech Open twice. Her R&D team generated six patented technologies in the nanotechnology field.

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 Jurgen Vollrath 

Member of the Board. Jurgen is a patent attorney and leading IP strategist, having spent the last 30 years working with technology companies, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, advising on all aspects of intellectual property from filing strategy, to trademarks, trade secrets, copyright, maskworks, licensing, and litigation. Most recently, he joined Aventurine as General Partner, supporting promising disruptive tech companies, while also serving as president of Exponential Technology Counsel and Inventor Assistance Foundation.


Strategy & Policy Team

 Arthine Cossey van Duyne 

Arthine crafts and implements global expansion and trajectory strategies for companies with solutions targeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). She is passionate about accelerating the rebuild of resilient small, rural, tribal water infrastructure (drinking, sewer, green, storm, source).
She enjoys helping teams and organizations navigate real or perceived barriers as they hunt for their sweet spot in their markets. This includes focusing her time and resources in projects related to emerging technologies, resilient economies, renewable energy, water infrastructure, watershed restoration, impact investing, pathways to innovation and creating abundant access to capital for entrepreneurship.

 Joy Montgomery 

Joy Montgomery is a Fractional Innovation Officer. For a General Plan Rewrite for the City of Pleasanton from 1993 to 1996, Joy suggested strategies to protect the aquifer at a time when no one believed the aquifer was at risk. She is the National Alumni Chair and a mentor for the Cleantech Open (CTO), the world’s largest accelerator for clean technology startups. For The RoyseLaw AgTech Innovation Network, Joy coached entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food industries. As a Managing Director for the Bay Area Entrepreneurs Workshop, she worked closely with participants. Joy’s vision is a reversal of the damage done to our earth, not a limitation at an increased level. Her mission is to increase the odds of clean technology companies succeeding at their part in that effort.

 David Alan Foster 

David is a multifarious designer, inventor, product developer, parallel entrepreneur, technologist, strategist, and futurist working with renewables since the 70’s. He advocates for the Circular Economy, solar generators, biomimicry, generative design, advanced manufacturing, bio-based plastics, AI, AR, VR, and IoT. David started working on behalf of inventors in 1986: counseling, upgrading a newsletter, publishing a magazine (Invent!), consulting, and now CEOing nvntr Inc. and related projects organizing and applying the world’s inventive genius to the world’s problems. David is also a notorious haiku master. 

Science and Materials Team

 Candice Chan, PhD 

Candice is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU). Professor Chan’s background is in materials chemistry, with a focus on developing new materials for energy conversion and sustainability applications. B.S. in chemistry from Rice University where she worked in the lab of Nobel Laureate Prof. Richard Smalley on carbon nanotechnology. Internships at Los Alamos National Lab and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Stanford University. Post doc as a Miller Fellow in the Dept. of Chemistry at UC Berkeley. Prof. Chan has received numerous awards, such as the Paul J. Flory award for Physical Chemistry, Humboldt Foundation Fellowship, National Science Foundation CAREER award, and was named a Scialog Fellow of Advanced Energy Storage.

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