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Problem: High levels of turbidity in stormwater discharges and no infrastructure to eliminate it
Solution: Implement the Floc Soc™ Kit where turbid water flows (pumped) through the Floc Soc™ slowly dissolving a biopolymer solution
Results: Reduced turbidity from high levels greater (>1,000 NTU) to 100 NTU or lower in seconds

“We have seen the turbidity of discharges reduced from greater than 1,000 NTU to less than 100 NTU in minutes. In our experience, no other combination of temporary BMPs can reduce turbidity this well.”
- Dale Gonzales, California Water Service


Problem: Wastewater contains high levels (1%) of TSS, F.O.G, BOD, COD
Solution: Implement FDA certified chemistry and a SAF to float TSS top skim solids removal
Results: TSS & F.O.G. reduced

“Our wastewater treatment costs have been reduced significantly due to the implementation of a chemistry change and system upgrade.”
- David Whitten, Darling International, Inc.


Problem: Elevated levels of metals and uranium in raw water supplies (ground water) or stormwater discharges
Solution: Install Metal Solve™ system to reduce metals and uranium to low ppb or ppt levels with no pre-treatment in a few minutes
Results: Metals and uranium reduction from 100 ppb or higher to below 5 ppb or non-detect (ND)

“Provided an upgrade to our existing storm water treatment system that brought us into compliance within a few hours and dramatically reduced our O&M costs. ”

- Shaun Smith, Oregon Resources Corporation



Problem: Algae in lakes, rivers and raw water supplies
Solution: Implemented a dry biopolymer that binds to a protein in the algae
Results: Algae suspended in raw water supplies are rapidly coagulated and floated to the top with our proprietary dry biopolymer for a top skim removal and can be dried for fertilizer. Removal rates are 95% or higher. Lake was fully restored.

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